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Turkey Fails!?

Brad & Kyle Recap Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Week!

Thanksgiving Week, everyone. Or Faturday, or Thicksgving. Whatever. Listen!


Chili, Potatoes, Sins, And Irish Coffees!

Chef Driven BBQ, A thing?

Kyle Does the All American Rib Cookoff

Kyle talks about a costume compeitition, Brad explains how to marry up.

Burning Ham

A recap of the Burning Ham competition, and then some.

Weiner Rolling

Brad & Kyle together in Person!!

In Which Kyle Reveals He Is A Pinko Commie

Burgers. Solar Grills. Breaded Chicken. Evolution. Communism. End Scene

Russian River Revival!!!

We got our butts kicked in a BBQ competition, Kyle giggles about ball brushes, abalone, calamari, and so much more!

Suited, Booted, Ready for Kranch

Chicken Wings, Aprons, Condiments, Pork Belly.

Baste Mode University: Chicken 101

A discussion on Chicken methods for the smoker and the grill.


Brisket, crumbsnatchers, spatuling, water chickens, end scene.

Kyle Cooks

Kyle Cooks Brisket, but how much does he need? Silly Kyle....

Baste Mode University: Beef 101

Beef: It's What's for dinner

Baste Mode University Pork 101

A brief introspective on a very real Porknography Addiction.