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The Prodigal Fat Guys Return!

We've been cooking. Let's talk about it.

The Turd of July

Burnt Ends, and other stuff. Let's talk about 'em.

Evidently you need strong teef, to eat Kyle's beef

Kyle fractured a tooth. Let's talk about it.

Beef, Beer , Battlestar Galactica

Tomahawk Chops and Beers. Let's talk about 'em.

Aaaanndddd We're Back

COVID-19 Problems but Brisket Ain't One. Let's Talk About It.

Manhattans and Pastrami...But Not In The Way You Think

BBQ'n Stuff, let's talk about.

No One Likes A Dirty Grill....

Spring is on the way - haven't used your grill in a while? Constantly Grilled through the winter? Either way, your bbq needs to be cleaned. Let's talk about it.

Don't Freeze Your Butts

A Post Super Bowl bowl edition of Baste Mode. Let's talk pork.

Super Bowl Eats

A big game is coming up. Let's talk about it.

Cold Smoking

Cold Smoking is a thing. Let's talk about it.